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Introducing Listings 2.0

Improved App Navigation Bar
- Instantly Search with the new Search Tab from any page.
- It's easier than ever to post a listing with the new Add Listing tab.
New Listing Styles & Layouts
- It's now possible to display listings as a list, a grid, or tiles.
- Three new listing layouts with quick access to photos and comments.

Completely Redesigned Photo Galleries
- Add photos directly from the new Add Listing tab.
- Optimized Thumbnails, faster loading.
Organize with Category Sections
- Create up to five category section to organize categories.
- No need to create duplicate categories, as a category can be enabled in multiple sections.

Location (Beta: United States)
- Automatically sort listings by location.
- This feature is in beta, so we're still working on it.
Easy Social Sharing (It's Optional)
- You'll Like this and you can even Tweet all about it.
- Easy one-click sharing to Facebook or Twitter from any listing.

New Features Free Premium
Email Notifications
New Listing Display Styles
- Display as Grid (New Default)
- Display as List (Original Style)
- Display as Tiles
New Listing App Homepage Layouts
- Improved & Updated Existing Styles
- Search Style
- Location Map Style (US - Beta)
- Section List Style (List of categories in each section)
Category Sections 05
Categories 550
Revenue Options
- Improved User Experience
Completely Redesigned Photo Gallery

Changes that may affect your site:

- Email Notifications are now a default feature. It's now required that users enter an email address the first time they post a Listing or Comment. If this feature isn't ideal for your site, you can disable this via the Configure App -> Advanced Options page.

- New Default Listing Style and Listing Page Layouts. If you liked the original style, it's also possible to switch back via the App Homepage's "Display Options" tab and the View Listing Page "Display Options" tab.

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