The Apps.IO Application Data Privacy Policy

In addition to the privacy protections set forth in our Website Privacy Policy, data shared when you install an application on your website is protected by the following Application Data Privacy Policy.

Site Member Data

To provide our services and improve the quality & performance of our apps, we collect and store the following Member Data for the sole purpose of providing services to your site:

  • The User's Unique ID (This is a unique api user id, like: "a4js32lon5x2")
  • The User's Current Display Name
  • The URL to the User's Current Display Photo
  • Any information users manually enter or provide in the app such as content, actions, likes, comments, or file uploads.
  • Users can optionally enter their email address for app features such as notifications or messages from other users, however users will not be directly contacted by Apps.IO and their email address will not be shared with any third parties.
  • Additional information may be automatically transmitted by the user's web browser to our website, any such information is protected by our Website Privacy Policy.
Should at any time you cease using our services and no longer wish for the shared data to be stored, you can contact us to delete any & all information we may have stored.

App Data Sharing

All stored data will only be shared with any other apps you choose to install that are created by Apps.IO. An example of such a situation would be using the user display photo cached via the Listings app in our Ideas app, rather than re-retrieving the file path from the platform in another Apps.IO app should you choose to install one.


All non-personally-identifying information, potentially personally-identifying and personally identifying-information described above is stored in a restricted database.

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