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» I just tested the Contact Page app and I don't see the reply email address I entered. Why is that?

The Contact Page app places the email address that a user enters in the contact form only into the "reply-to" field of the email you receive. When you click reply in any modern email client the reply will be sent to the email address visitors enter into the Contact Page app.

The reason the email comes from "" is to ensure that messages are never received in a spam folder or completely blocked by your email provider. If the app was to instantly attach a "from" field to a message with any email address, most mail clients would mark it as unsafe and fraudulent.

» How do I configure the Contact Page app?

You can configure the Contact Page app by clicking the "Edit Settings" button, located just to the right of the "Send Message >>" button on the app homepage while signed in as the Network Creator.

» How do I learn more about or sign up for a Premium Service Plan?

It's possible to learn more or sign up for a Premium Service Plan by clicking the "Upgrade" link visible in the top-right of the app's navigation bar while signed in as the Network Creator.