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» Why is it now required to enter an email address to post a Listing?

With the latest release of Listings, Email Notifications are now a default feature and it's required that users enter an email address the first time they post a Listing or Comment (or if they haven't posted since the update was released).  Email addresses collected are protected by our Privacy Policy and will only be used to notify users about comments on their listings or provide other similar app-related notifications.  If this feature isn't ideal for your site, you can disable this feature via the Configure App -> Advanced Options page.

» Why is it only possible to add five categories in the Free Version?

Based on our testing, five was the optimal number that still allowed the free version to be useful for most basic purposes. If you require more than five categories, please consider upgrading to a Premium Service Plan.

» How do I change the app homepage layout?

You can change the app homepage layout by clicking the Display Options app navigation tab on the app homepage while signed in as the Network Creator.

» How do I learn more about or sign up for a Premium Service Plan?

It's possible to learn more or sign up for a Premium Service Plan by clicking the "Upgrade" link visible in the top-right of the app's navigation bar while signed in as the Network Creator.