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I'd like to try the Premium Version of an app, do you offer a free trial?
We offer Free Versions of all of our apps, as such we are unable to offer a free trial of our Premium Service. That said, we do offer a seven day money-back guarantee on all of our Premium Service Plans and it's possible to cancel a Premium Service Plan at any time.

When will feature / product "X" be available?
As a general practice, we do not discuss release dates or speculate about upcoming features in advance. Our primary goal is to focus on quality, not on a release date or deadline. The last thing we want to do is release an unpolished product simply because there "wasn't enough time".

Why haven't you released an update to product "X" in forever? Why all the silence?
While it may appear that we haven't released an update lately, we have. We release updates all the time, but as a general practice we only announce feature update releases (and even then, only when they're major). A majority of the updates we make are related to improving the back-end architecture of our apps so that we can provide an even better and more reliable service to you. Whenever we appear silent, rest assured, we're actively working on improving our current products and working on the next big thing.

I've got an awesome idea for a new feature, will you add it?
Maybe, it all depends on how much demand there is for it and the feasibility of the feature, we also have to prioritize some features. That said, we're always happy to hear suggestions for new features, please submit them here.

Can I export all my data if I decide to stop using one of your apps?
Yes, it's possible to request an export of your app data via this page.

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