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I'm having difficulty posting a Listing, it won't submit and the "Your Email:" field keeps turning red.
Email Notifications are now a default feature. It's now required that users enter an email address the first time they post a Listing or Comment. If no email address is entered, the form will not submit and the required field will highlight red.
If this feature isn't ideal for your site, you can disable this feature via the Configure App -> Advanced Options page.

Why does my installation of Listings suddenly look different?
With the latest release of Listings, we've updated the Default Listing Style and Listing Page Layouts. If you liked the original style, it's possible to switch back via the App Homepage's "Display Options" tab and the View Listing Page "Display Options" tab.

Is it possible to import data from a Custom Listing field into the new Location Feature?
Not just yet, however that is something we're in the process of developing. Contact us should you be interested in Beta Testing this.

I've got an awesome idea for a new feature, will you add it next?
Maybe, it all depends on how much demand there is for it and the feasibility of the feature, we also have to prioritize some features. That said, we're always happy to hear suggestions for new features, please submit them here.

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